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I went to see Amy because of upper back and chest muscular pain that I'd been having on and off for over a year, and after only two treatments my pain was significantly reduced, and I haven't had a sleepless night due to pain since.

Adrienne, 26 I Student I Treated for chronic chest & back pain

Since graduating in Deep Tissue Massage in 2011 from Bodyology, I have gone on to train in Myofascial Release with the Jing Institute of Advanced Clinical Massage & Advanced Clinical Massage for TMJ Pain.


More recently, in 2020, I completed the Polestar Pilates Instructor training program; I felt that therapy through movement was the missing and integral piece to the healthcare I was able to offer, and Pilates has been so important to my own physical and mental wellbeing over the years.


Polestar is an international authority in Pilates education, focusing on whole body wellness, healing through intelligent movement and rooted in science-based techniques. Pilates as a movement modality has the ability to guide us towards strength, stability, mobility and true connectivity of mind, body and spirit.


My greatest sense of fulfilment lies within the potential of bodywork; from hands on physical therapy to the empowerment of movement therapy. I never tire of the joy that comes with helping people towards better health, there’s nothing like it! 

Amy Moffat Massage
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