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Amy doesn't JUST give you an amazing massage experience, she really tries to get to the root of your issue for long term healing. I went to see Amy because of upper back and chest muscular pain that I'd been having on and off for over a year, and after only two treatments my pain was significantly reduced, and I haven't had a sleepless night due to pain since.

Adrienne, 26 I Student I Treated for chronic chest & back pain

I always believed I was destined for a lifetime in the arts, however, life has an interesting way of guiding us to our true callings! After graduating in Fine Art I was in need of a quick and regular income, as most new graduates are, and began working as a receptionist in a Therapeutic Clinic in west London. During this time I continued to pursue a career as an artist; exhibiting as a painter, freelancing as a set-design assistant and working on illustration commissions.


Balancing my two working lives wasn't always easy, but I loved participating in both industries. As I became more involved in well-being, eventually managing the studio, I got to see the regulars come and go. Witnessing the physical changes to their bodies and hearing personal stories of the positive transformations to their overall health really sparked my interest in complementary therapies, and I decided to train as a massage therapist.


Since graduating in Deep Tissue Massage in 2011 I have gone on to train in Myofascial Release, pre and post-natal massage, in Advanced Clinical Massage for Hip and Pelvis Pain, for TMJ Pain, and Cupping. 

I do still occasionally design logos, EP covers and poster artworks, mainly within the music industry. But I'm happy to say I am able to focus most of energies on building a massage practice where people can come for treatment, in a safe space without judgement, to work on improving their well-being.  


My heart lies with bodywork now and I never tire of the joy that comes with helping people towards better health. There’s nothing like it! 

When making an appointment please note that you are agreeing to my 24 hour cancellation policy, which means any cancellations made within 24 hours of the appointment will be charged in full.

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I Am Massage

Founded by Amy Moffat

Massage Therapist I Registered with MTI

amy.moffat@live.co.uk  I  07775 603 843

Qualified In:

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Pre & Postnatal Massage

  • Cupping

Advanced Clinical Massage for:

  • Hip Pain

  • TMJ Dysfunction