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I feel more spacious, aligned and taller after sessions with Amy. I've noticed I no longer have pain like I used to when sitting at my desk. The way Amy describes and helps me visualise the movements helps me understand my body and the exercises.

Cath 49 I Production Manager I Thoracic outlet syndrome and chronic back pain


Using the equipment on offer in Pilates, from the famous Reformer, to the Trapeze, Wunda Chair and Ladder Barrel, plus the many props, is a great way to assist the body in finding alignment, improving movement and developing control. 

Not only can the equipment assist us, it's also a great way to challenge us, making Pilates equipment classes versatile and accessible to all levels of movers.

Pilates mat classes are equally accessible for all and is a great way of getting to understand your body and become self sufficient in developing mobility, stability, and control. Sometimes I'll introduce Pilates props for assistance, or to add challenge where needed.


I teach 1-1 at Fix, London Fields and East Village, using whatever is available in the studio at the time, to best suit each individual's needs.