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Every treatment starts with a consultation, an important process to help understand your needs and how your body is used on a daily basis, it's also a chance for you to ask any questions and establish your goals of the treatment.   


Deep Tissue Massage is a great option for those looking to treat chronic aches and pains, postural tensions and/or support injury management. As well as working remedially I really believe in the power of relaxation, which involves creating a welcoming and cosy environment in which to be treated. As a result my treatments aim for a balance between remedial and relaxation work. Calming the nervous system has a positive affect on muscle and fascial  tissue, so the two should go hand in hand.


Using traditional deep tissue techniques, working with soft tissue and fascial release, trigger point therapy and, where I feel it beneficial, cupping massage, I focus on outcome oriented treatments i.e. working towards achievable goals such as improving mobility, reducing muscular tension and pain and decreasing stress levels.

Whether you are looking for a timeout from a stressful period in your life and need to create space for self-care, or whether you have a niggling injury and/or chronic pains that you've been dealing with for years, my Deep Tissue treatments incorporate a range of approaches to help you achieve your goals.

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